Check-in & Check-out

We know you’re excited to get here, and we’ll be ready to welcome you promptly starting at 2pm each day (for daily, weekly, and extended-stay guests). If you prefer to check-in in person, we’re awaiting your arrival between 2pm-6pm each day. Contactless, after hours check-in, is available all night, although we prefer that all guests arrive before quiet hours begin at 10pm. We know you’ll be sad to leave, but check-out is 12pm the day after the final night of your paid reservation. Come back soon!

If possible, please plan to arrive prior to 6pm and stop by the Front Desk to check-in. Just pass through the open gate and drive toward the Clubhouse building straight ahead and on the left. Park in the pull through check-in parking across from the big sun mural, and visit us inside the Camp Store. We’ll welcome you and get you set up for a wonderful stay. Please remember to bring your driver license or official ID in with you, as we’ll need this to complete your check-in.

If you are a short term (nightly or weekly) guest arriving after 6pm, please give us a call (254) 236-2866 to exchange additional information in preparation for your after hours arrival.

You’ll receive your temporary gate code to enter the property in your pre-arrival email the day before you check-in. Pro tip: be sure to press # after keying in your 4 digit code.

If you are an extended stay (monthly) guest, you will need to arrive 10am-6pm so that we get you fully squared away with your stay. After hours arrivals are not permitted for extended stay guests.

You’re a key to making Gather Campground an awesome place to stay, so please make sure to leave your site clean and free of trash. We’ll be happy to come by and dispose of your bagged trash – so feel free to leave you last bag(s) of trash at the curb of your site and one of our team members will dispose of it. Otherwise you’re all set to leave!

Doesn’t everyone love a late check-out?! We’d love to accommodate this request, and space permitting, you might just get lucky. A late check-out may be available if another guest is not checking-in to your current site that same day. Please visit a team member in our Camp Store or text 254-236-2866 to learn if a late check-out is possible. Depending upon the time of your departure, late check-out fees may apply.

Bookings & Rates

Yes! We’d love to host you for a tour to check out our campground any time 10am-6pm, so please schedule a visit in advance by sending our manager an email at bellcounty@gather.camp. Our goal is to give you our full attention during your tour, so please plan for a weekday visit if possible.

We will do our best to accommodate your preferred area within the campground. However, in order to have the flexibility to best serve all guests, guaranteed sites or “site lock” is not something offered at Gather Campground.

Yes, extended-stay guests are welcome to stay at a monthly rate provided they adhere to all campground rules and continue to be respectful and orderly to everyone in our community. Please call (254) 236-2866 for more information.

Our rates vary depending upon demand for our daily, weekly, and extended stay spaces. We do not guarantee any rates until a deposit is placed on your booking.

Gather Campground has a wide variety of sites available. All sites are concrete paved and include full hook ups. However, depending on the size and specific site characteristics, site fees vary.

Furthermore, just like a hotel, rates at Gather Campground change as demand and availability change. No rates are guaranteed until your reservation is processed and payment is received. You will receive an email confirmation when your reservation is confirmed, typically within one hour of booking.

Regardless of how you make your booking, the full cost of the reservation is due up front. This true when booking online, over the phone, or via a 3rd party.


You’re welcome to have up to eight (8) guests stay at your RV site, in only one (1) RV/rig per site. If you have more than eight individuals in your group, you will need to book additional RV sites.

Extended stay (monthly) bookings include:

  • 2 adults
  • 2 children
  • 2 pets

Additional individuals above these inclusions will incur the following fees:

  • $100/adult
  • $50/child
  • $25/pet

No more than a total of eight (8) heartbeats are permitted in a given RV site.

You may keep up to two (2) vehicles at your campsite in addition to your RV/trailer, parked in the concrete paved parking area adjacent to your RV/trailer, and in front of your RV/trailer, space permitting. All vehicles must be parked at your RV site, fully out of the roadway fully on the concrete paving. There is no overflow parking for guests. There are limited number of visitor parking spaces. No vehicles may be left in visitor parking spaces overnight.

We welcome small trailers if they fit into one of the two parking spots that you’re allocated at your campsite. If you have a larger trailer that does not fit into a single parking spot you’ll be required to rent an additional RV site for the trailer, or keep it off-site.

No. Sleeping tents are not allowed at Gather Campground. Only one RV or trailer is allowed at each site. Pop-up campers and roof-top tents are permitted, and they are counted as the RV/camper for the RV site they are parked at.

Yes, we welcome outdoor-rated items that are clean and in good working condition to be kept outside at RV sites. All items must be kept on paved surfaces and/or gravel areas. No items, including furniture, may be kept left on the grass areas overnight.

Examples of items that are welcome to be stored outside of a rig at a campsite include:

  • shade tents (with open sides except screen fabric)
  • patio furniture (outdoor tables, sofas, chairs, etc)
  • elevated propane fire rings/pits

Examples of items that are not permitted to be stored outside of a rig at a campsite include:

  • indoor furniture items (upholstered or otherwise)
  • auto supplies (tires, pumps, gas cans)
  • tools or building materials of any kind (lumber, pumps, concrete blocks, etc)

Yes, although we may ask you to cut us off a slice of that brisket! You’re welcome to use your own grill or smoker, please just be mindful of the smoke you may be creating for other guests. Also, please ensure you clean up after yourself to avoid attracting critters, and please keep it on paved or gravel areas overnight. No grills, bbq’s, or fire pits may be left on grass overnight.

If you’d like to extend your stay with us please visit with one of our team members in our Camp Store between 10am and 6pm or text us at 254-236-2866. Depending upon availability, we may not be able to accommodate your request to extend your reservation, or, you may need to move to a different campsite.

Creep up to the gate as if you’re trying to win a game of ‘how slow can you drive’. As you SLOWLY approach the gate, and your vehicle is over the yellow puck in the asphalt, the gate will open for you. If you’re having any issues entering/exiting the front gate during your stay, please call (254) 236-2866 immediately.

Please either turn around and visit us in the Camp Store, or call us between 10am and 6pm at 254-236-2866.

Generally speaking, our front gate remains open 8am-6pm, and remains closed 6pm-8am. When the gate is closed, you will need to use your unique gate code to gain access. Please be sure to press # after keying in your four (4) digit access code. If you’re having any issues entering/exiting the front gate during your stay, please call (254) 236-2866 immediately.

Our refund policy varies depending on when you notify us that you’d like to cancel and how many days out that is from your check-in date.

  • If you’re more than 14 days away from your check-in date, you receive a full refund, less a $25 cancellation fee.
  • If you’re 8-13 days away from your check-in date, you receive a 50% refund, less a $25 cancellation fee.
  • If you’re fewer than 7 days from your check-in date, you do not receive a refund.

Yes. Are you an active or retired serviceman or woman? To thank you for your service, we offer a military discount of 10% off any stay less than 5 days. Simply bring your valid Military or Veteran ID to the Camp Store anytime between 10am-6pm to receive your discount refunded off of your booking.

Emergency Assistance

If there’s an emergency related to fire, medical, or crime, call 911 immediately. If there’s an emergency related to leaking water, no electricity at your site, a clogged drain pipe, or some other item related to the physical property, please call our emergency line at 254-236-2866 immediately.

We serve guests each day with on-site team members from 10am through 6pm. You may reach one of our team members after hours by calling 254-236-2866.

Pets & Animals

We allow non-dangerous dogs, indoor cats, and non-hunting birds. Dogs and cats must be kept on a leash at all times when outside your rig, unless the dog is in the dog park. Cats are not allowed in the dog park. Birds must be kept in a cage at all times. If your dog is seen to be aggressive and/or creating a nuisance or unease for other guests a team member may ask you to keep your dog inside your RV. Non-compliance may result in the termination of your stay without refund. All guests with dogs must sign this waiver before check-in.

Only in one of our dog parks. Otherwise all dogs must be kept on-leash in the park unless inside your rig.

Animals are not allowed in the pool area, the playscape, the restrooms, nor in any building. The primary areas for animals are walking through the campground (on leash) on streets and in grassy areas, as well as in the dog parks.

Yes, there are doggy stations scattered around the park, including at each dog park. Scoop your dog’s poop, or you’ll be looking to scoop a last-minute RV spot somewhere else 😉 

Please dispose of animal poop in the doggy station trash bins, dumpsters, and/or your personal trash bags at your site. Do not dispose of any dog poop in trash containers that reside inside or immediately outside buildings.

No. No form of crate, pen, paneling, fencing, or invisible fence is permitted at RV sites. Dogs may not be left unattended anywhere outside of your rig, including in the dog parks or at your RV site.

On-Site Sales

Not yet! We look forward to offering propane on site later in 2024 as we ramp up our on site operations.

In the meantime, Tractor Supply is located a short 5 min drive from Gather Campground, and offers propane at a very reasonable price.

Our camp store is open each day from 10am to 6pm in the Clubhouse.

We sell camp necessities and more! We offer a wide variety of snacks, refreshments, and cooking supplies. Additionally we have an elevated selection of camping necessities, locally-sourced keepsakes and gifts, kid’s learning and play items, and basic RV supplies. Need s’more supplies? We got ’em. Sunglasses or t-shirts? Check. Stop by and see what’s in stock!

Propane and ice coming soon!

Short term (nightly and weekly) rates include your electricity. Short term stays are not charged additionally for electricity. If you have an electrical vehicle (EV) staying at your RV site as part of your booking, an additional flat fee of $10/day will be added to your booking.

Extended stay (monthly) rates do not include electricity. Due to the wide range of electrical usage across different extended stay (monthly) guests, electrical use is billed separately at the end of each month at a rate of 12.58 cents / kWh.

Yes, we do have a limited number of storage units that our guests can rent on a monthly basis. Please speak with a Gather team member in our office from 10am to 6pm to see if we have availability. No storage for live animals, chocolate or ice sculptures, or salt-water taffy is permitted in the self storage units… bring the taffy to the Camp Store to share with us!

Rules & Regulations

Yes, you are welcome to string lights at your campsite. You may not put up and use any form of lights that directly point at another guest’s campsite, like spotlights. You may not tie anything to trees, including string lights. You may not sink posts or place anchors in any of our grassy areas. Otherwise, light it up!

We encourage guests to enjoy music at a volume that’s respectful to other nearby guests. If your music is too loud, you may be asked to reduce the volume. Quiet hours are 10pm to 10am, daily.

Guests must obey all federal, state, and local laws regarding the ownership and possession of firearms. Guests may have a firearm in a locked, private vehicle in parking areas if permitted by law. Firearms are not permitted in any buildings or common areas. The discharge of firearms, BB guns, air guns/rifles, or similar devices is strictly prohibited. Firearms may not be carried openly anywhere on the property.

Any motorized vehicle must be operated by an adult, and this adult must follow the 5mph speed limit throughout the park at all times. Failing to do so may result in a termination of the guest’s reservation without refund. Guests may not operate any motorized vehicle while under the influence.

Any motorized or power-assisted device must follow the 5mph speed limit throughout the park at all times. Failing to do so may result in a termination of the guest’s reservation without refund. Guests may not operate any motorized vehicle while under the influence.

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