Facilities Caretaker

Looking to be an important team member launching an innovative hospitality experience? Gather Campground Bell County is a brand new luxury RV resort located in Belton, TX. We strive to reinvent hospitality for those exploring the open road, and to provide a best-in-class experience to our guests, whether staying for just a night, or an extended stay. This is the first of many locations to come, and we seek critical team members who can help operationalize this inspiring vision. We are searching for self-starters that are eager to learn, desire to help create surprisingly delightful experiences for guests, and who take pride and ownership in their work.

The Role: Gather Campgrounds is searching for a Facilities Caretaker who will be responsible for maintaining the world-class appearance and cleanliness of Gather Campground Bell County (3360 S IH 35 Service Rd, Belton, TX 76513).

Responsibilities: The team member who takes on this role will be the primary person ensuring that all indoor and outdoor spaces at Gather Campground are clean, organized, and in proper working condition. They will be expected to solve cleaning or repair issues directly, otherwise alert management of issues that require additional support. In any direct guest interactions, they must be able to communicate thoughtfully and provide welcoming guest interactions.

Ideal Candidate: You have a sharp eye for detail and a strong work-ethic. To thrive in this role you will need to naturally derive value from seeing the visible results of your work, knowing that your actions directly impact the experience of each Gather Campground guest, and that your work is foundational to the success of the campground. You must be coachable, able to receive objective feedback with a desire to put it into direct practice, and willing to strive alongside team members towards the Gather Campground vision. Your success will largely hinge on your ability to stay organized, maintain exceptional quality standards, and continually find opportunities to improve the organization, systems, and appearance of the space you have ownership over.

Objectives & Key Results:

Objective: Maintain immaculate cleanliness and appearance of all outdoor spaces such that when guests arrive they are inspired to spend time outside their rig, and enjoy our beautiful campground. 

Key Results: 

  • There will be no trash or debris on any roads, around RV sites, in the playground or dog parks, on patios, around the pool, or on main lawns. 
  • Placement and usability of all outdoor furniture is maintained to the outlined Gather Campground standards and ready for guests to enjoy.
  • All outdoor technology, amenities, and equipment is working properly.


Objective: Maintain immaculate cleanliness and appearance of all indoor spaces such that their appeal entices guests to come utilize and enjoy the spaces.

Key Results: 

  • Ensure there is no trash or debris in any buildings that is not inside a proper receptacle. 
  • All surfaces will be wiped down and free of all residue, dust, stains and build-up. 
  • Placement and usability of all indoor furniture is maintained to the outlined Gather Campground standards and ready for guests to enjoy.
  • All indoor technology, amenities, and equipment is working properly. 


Schedule: The primary role is 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. We are also hiring for a Saturday and Sunday Weekend Facilities Caretaker that also works 8am to 4pm.

Environment: You will work in a clean, thoughtful and positive environment alongside teammates who are striving to fulfill the Gather Campground vision and provide best-in-class  experiences to our guests. 

Company: Gather Campgrounds is a private company dedicated to the enrichment of its people and guests. Customer service and guest community are of paramount importance in our campgrounds. We actively curate local attractions, events, and experiences that foster authentic human connections and life-long memories for open-road travelers. We are committed to:

  • Thoughtfully and fully training you and your team members on how to effectively reach objectives and key results.
  • Provide you opportunities to creatively contribute to the improvement of Gather Campground standards, systems, and guest experiences.
  • Being thoughtful, exacting, and relentless in our pursuit to create an environment where team members thrive and the natural consequence is exceptional guest experiences.


Compensation: $12-16/hr

Unique to Gather Campground: 

  • No experience necessary
  • Huge growth potential to grow your impact and opportunity as the property grows
  • Performance bonuses available.


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